About Our Company

Levello Construction is a woman owned general contracting company offering the highest quality exterior renovation services to clients across the Denver metro area.

Why Choose Levello?

Levello Construction is a woman-owned general contracting company with a focus on residential exterior systems. We believe in production at a higher level and focus on giving our clients deliberate building solutions for their individual needs.  
With our extensive knowledge and expertise in planning, design, construction, and insurance restoration, we have created a seamless experience for our clients unlike any other. By utilizing cutting edge technology, we are able to break down inefficiencies in standard construction management practices and rebuild them to give our clients leading industry service. 
Our founder and CEO, Lee Lipniskis, started Levello Construction because of her passion for the construction industry and desire to assist clients with their home improvement needs. With her expansive background in construction and insurance claim management, she leads the Levello team with forward-thinking strategies and a precise eye for the finer details. 
production at a higher level with levello construction

Levello Construction is different because we recognize that each client is unique. We believe in a higher level of production which means communication and collaboration with you throughout the entire process is imperative to our success.

Together, we design a plan of action that makes sense for your home. With this ever-changing competitive construction industry, we are dedicated to providing you a stress-free enjoyable, experience.

That is what Levello Construction is all about.

We are your residential exterior construction experts.